6 Ways to Beef Up Your Property Listings

The Internet is a noisy place. If you’re looking to sell your CRE property, your listing needs to be able to compete with a slew of other property listings and competing priorities. (Let’s face it, your buyers are probably just as busy as you are). 

But, if you put a little extra oomph into crafting your listing, you can make an excellent first impression. Here are 6 ways to help your property rise above the competition. 

Consider Your Ideal Buyer 

Your property isn’t the right fit for everyone, so it’s important to take the time to consider who your perfect buyer would be based on the property style and characteristics. Draft up a list of attributes or business goals that may be true of your buyer. Are they a first-time CRE investor? Are they looking for a steady, passive income source or opportunities for expansion and renovation? Are there growing industries in your area that would provide a unique growth opportunity to the buyer? 

Then, tailor your property listing to them. Paint a picture of the possibilities. Even if you don’t hit the mark on 100% of their goals and interests, writing for the individual will serve as a helpful exercise in showcasing the real selling points of your property. Plus, you stand a better chance of attracting higher-quality leads who are interested in the unique attributes of the property you have called out. 

Don’t Bury the Lead

In the world of journalism, the lead is everything. It’s the opening of a story that shares the most salient information, while still capturing the interest of your audience. After you have identified your ideal buyer, write a clear and concise opening statement that hooks your reader and helps them to make an informed decision quickly. 

If you use a drag and drop template approach to writing your listing, you risk burying the property’s true selling points. Long blocks of text can be frustrating to read, so you may frustrate or lose your ideal buyer before they can discern whether or not your listing is a good fit. Plus, people are more likely to remember the first element presented in a series, so beefing up your property’s “lead” helps your properties main brag points remain top of mind during the rest of the buyer’s search. 

Add Some Whimsy

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but property listings can sometimes be a bit stiff. While you do not want to sacrifice professionalism, adding a touch of personality to your listing can help you stand apart from the crowd. After you’ve identified your buyer and written your lead, finish off your first draft with some extra whimsy. Have fun with it. 

Then, take a break and come back to your listing with a fresh set of eyes. Consider what areas are bolstered by the extra personal touch and which should be toned down to avoid extraneous distractions. Even if only 5% of your existing whimsy stays in the listing description, it can create a more memorable and refreshing read for your potential buyers. 

Use SEO Keywords

After your property listing is complete, take another read through to see if there’s an opportunity to add industry buzzwords or SEO keywords that coincide with your specific property style or sales angle. If you need help with this, try an online SEO keyword search tool. Using relevant keywords can be a good way to help your listing show up in more search engine queries. 

Use Great Photos & Videos

The best way to engage your ideal buyer is to give them the information they need up front. In a post-COVID digital age, buyers want to visualizes the space right from the listing. Invest in high quality photography of the interior and exterior of your property. Aerial photography or videography can also add an extra boost. In short, make it simple for your buyer to be drawn into your listing and keep them on your listing longer by including more for them to click through. 

Use a Clear Call to Action 

After you have hooked your buyer into your listing and kept them there browsing through photos, close the deal with a well crafted call to action (CTA). Include clear steps on what to do next in their purchasing journey. Write a CTA that is clear, engaging and includes an imperative. Think “Call Now,” “Watch Our Virtual Tour Video,” or “Submit an Offer.” Make sure essential contact information is listed and that hyperlinks are active and working. 

At NAI, we want to see you and your business succeed. Our brokers have decades of experience in marketing CRE properties and closing deals. Partnering with a broker at NAI can save you time, money, and hassle as you prepare to sell your CRE property. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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