Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a CRE Broker

When navigating the world of commercial real estate, it’s essential to partner with the experts. A top-notch CRE broker will assist you in all aspects of buying, leasing, selling, or renting a commercial property and can help you determine the best strategy for today’s marketplace conditions. Finding the right broker to fit your business and investment needs will go a long way in helping your experience go as smoothly as possible. After you’ve covered the basics, here are some additional questions to ask a potential real estate broker. 

What’s your specialty? 

This question is essential for finding the right broker for your needs. Some brokerage firms specialize in individual industries, such as office space vs. industrial space. Understanding their background and their knowledge of the local marketplace. Will this broker be able to put themselves in your shoes and understand the unique needs of your investment strategy, your industry, and your customers? 

If you have your eye on a specific neighborhood or region of the city, it’s also a good idea to partner with a broker familiar with your geographic areas of interest. If they are experienced, odds are they have established relationships and connections with other brokers or property owners in the area, improving the pace and quality of your property search. 

At NAI Mid-Michigan, our team of brokers has spent decades cultivating strategic business relationships here in Mid-Michigan. We know the ins and outs of the Mid-Michigan commercial market, and we work every day to match our clients with the right property in the right neighborhood and navigate potential pain points (think local regulations, tax implications that may impact your investment, etc.) 

Have you ever worked with a company or a situation like mine before?

Each broker has a unique background, so not every broker is an ideal fit for your unique situation. Take some time to learn more about the broker’s professional background and client history. Do they have experience in your industry or the property style you’re searching for? Will they be able to adapt their strategy to meet your needs? 

Our brokerage team has seen it all. Many of them have walked in your shoes—owning businesses and investing in properties right here in this region. There’s strength in this professional diversity. If our clients’ needs evolve or change during a property search, our brokers have the background and skills to adapt quickly. The NAI global network offers a broad network of resources to meet our clients’ needs. 

How long can I expect this process to take? 

It’s important to set expectations, especially if your business needs are more complex than those of the average buyer or the market is transitioning to a new phase. A good broker will be able to give you a realistic estimate of the amount of time it will take to search for the right property and help you understand how each step of the closing process will unfold. This will help you avoid frustration and appropriately pace your business plan or investment strategy.  

What do I need to do to get started? 

Did you forget something? A skilled broker can help you get your documents and plans in order so that if you find the ideal property right away, you can make your move (and beat out the competition). These documents include a business plan, marketing and branding materials, tax returns, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, credit reports, and more. Different parties may require or request other documents, so ensuring you have all of your details sorted out at the beginning of the process can go a long way. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your brokerage needs. We’re NAI Mid-Michigan, your best choice for commercial real estate services.

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