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MaintainingYour CRE Property: DIY vs Handyman vs Property Management

Keeping your property pristine and polished is about more than just curb appeal. High-quality properties attract high-quality tenants, which in time will increase the overall value of your property. Prioritizing maintenance and investing in improvements on your CRE property will create a positive experience for your tenants, their customers, and neighboring businesses, protecting your investment, […]
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Leveraging Property Management to Boost Your ROI

You wouldn’t run a marathon without a training plan, right? The same goes for your commercial real estate strategy. Getting to the top of your game requires persistence, grit and outside expertise.   Connecting with a strategic advisor for property management can enable you to optimize your day-to-day real estate functions and make strategic long-term plans […]
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5 Tips for Winterizing Your Commercial Property

As temperatures continue to drop, it’s a good time to think about preparing your property for the long winter ahead. A few simple steps now can save you time, money and hassle this winter. But it’s essential to start sooner rather than later, before a sudden cold snap catches you by surprise. Here is our […]
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Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate

4 Factors to Consider Before Investing Considering getting into the real estate game? It can be a great strategy for earning extra income and expanding your investment portfolio. When deciding between investing in commercial real estate or residential real estate, there are some major differences to keep in mind. Let’s take a look.  Economic Resilience […]
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3 Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Property for a Cold Snap

Michiganders know that weather conditions can change fast, especially during the ups and downs of a long Midwestern winter. If you have not already prepared your property for freezing temperatures, you could be putting yourself at risk for expensive wintertime damage. Let’s dive into the steps for winterizing your property and how to create a […]
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Should I manage my own property?

When you’re investing in commercial real estate, there are a thousand decisions to make. One of the most important is deciding who is going to manage the day-to-day operations of your property. Managing it yourself can save you money on property management fees but can quickly turn into a big time-suck. “There are upsides and […]
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Peak Performance — Surviving and Thriving in a Challenging Marketplace

For scores of small businesses in our community, the pandemic has forced owners and managers to be more flexible, creative and determined than ever before. For Peak Performance, a physical therapy practice based in the Greater Lansing area, these attributes alongside some strategic partnerships have helped the practice not only survive the last two years, […]
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Winter is coming. Are you prepared?

Winters in Michigan can be harsh, and if properties aren’t properly winterized, water damage from frozen or burst pipes can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  “We encourage all of our property owners to start the winterization process sooner rather than later,” says Eric Chagnon, Business Operations Manager at NAI Mid-Michigan. “All it takes […]
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5 ways to beautify your commercial property without blowing your budget

In today’s tough marketplace, gaining a competitive edge comes down to the little things. Whether you’re looking to draw in new customers or looking to attract high quality tenants to rent your commercial space, there are a few low cost upgrades you can do to boost the curb appeal. #1 Throw up a fresh coat […]
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Tenant & Buyer Representation

Our Services Enhance Your Business Objectives At NAI Mid-Michigan we know that your location impacts more than your company’s image, and that real estate is commonly the second largest line item in an operating budget. Where you are located can have a huge impact on efficiency, productivity, your brand, attracting and retaining talent, company culture, […]
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