Leveraging Property Management to Boost Your ROI

You wouldn’t run a marathon without a training plan, right? The same goes for your commercial real estate strategy. Getting to the top of your game requires persistence, grit and outside expertise.  

Connecting with a strategic advisor for property management can enable you to optimize your day-to-day real estate functions and make strategic long-term plans to ensure that each decision you make supports your business goals. We assign senior leadership to every account. With decades of CRE expertise, these account managers provide a skillful response to our client’s needs, saving you time, reducing risk, and helping you focus on what’s next. 

Here are a few examples of how expert property management can boost your overall ROI. 

Tenant Support and Lease Administration

Maintaining a pristine property, finding and retaining top-tier tenants, and managing a seamless leasing and disposition process are all essential for long-term success — and take up lots of valuable time. 

Engaging the help of an NAI strategic advisor for these essential tasks can help you maximize your time and investment. Our senior advisors will work with our in-house experts to provide quality and professional service. Our property management team can provide streamlined building maintenance and repair, manage tenant relationships, and ensure efficient rent collection. Plus, our team will take on the burden of detailed record-keeping to save you time and help insulate you from any potential legal challenges. Maintaining a high level of professionalism in these areas will boost your overall property value over time, leading to bigger dividends in the future. 

Project Management & Asset Expansion
Whether you’re looking to invest in a brand new sector or want to open a new location for a growing business, our strategic advisors can help you analyze your options and provide advice to help you meet your business objectives. Our team will conduct location analyses to help determine which areas have the greatest potential and if there are any incentives that may boost your overall ROI. If we find a property that meets your goals, we’ll walk you through each step of the property acquisition process, from the first facility condition assessment to the final closing. If we determine together that a renovation or new build is a better fit for your objectives, we’ll take on the project management responsibilities, including issuing requests for proposals to local contractors and managing each step of the process until completion. 

Long-Term Strategic Planning

Everyone, from small business owners to large corporations, needs to have long-term strategic plans in place to encourage sustainability and growth. Our team knows that each of our clients have unique challenges when developing these plans. At NAI, our experienced brokers can help you keep your finger on the pulse of local marketplace trends and evaluate your investment options. We can deliver customized systems and resources on the broadest and most sophisticated scale by leveraging NAI Global’s network of worldwide professionals. 

Our team has decades of experience as business owners, investors and commercial real estate professionals. Surrounding yourself with people you can trust is the best way to make sure you can maximize your investment and set yourself up for long-term success. 

Want to discover how professional property management can take your CRE investment to the next level? Contact us today.

NAI Mid-Michigan

Comprised of more than 30 real estate professionals, NAI Mid-Michigan is the best choice in commercial real estate firms in Mid-Michigan delivering clients a formidable package of office, retail, industrial, land and multi-family services and a direct pipeline to the area’s largest inventory of commercial property. NAI Mid-Michigan provides brokerage, investment properties, development and construction, property management, corporate and institutional services and property valuations supported by in-depth market intelligence. NAI’s global network is the single largest, most powerful owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firm in the world. Located in 36 countries, with more than 375 offices and over $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions annually we’re all actively managed to perform for you. www.naimidmichigan.com

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