Peak Performance — Surviving and Thriving in a Challenging Marketplace

For scores of small businesses in our community, the pandemic has forced owners and managers to be more flexible, creative and determined than ever before. For Peak Performance, a physical therapy practice based in the Greater Lansing area, these attributes alongside some strategic partnerships have helped the practice not only survive the last two years, but thrive. 

Peak Performance opened two new practice locations during the pandemic, and like nearly every business, they faced grueling challenges along the way, including delaying the grand opening of their Mason location by a year. Their team stayed agile and positive, finding new and creative ways to pursue success for the practice and engage the communities that they expanded into, such as hosting virtual open houses for their new Mason and Okemos locations. 

“NAI has been great in making sure that they have been flexible with the pushback of our start date and opening and rent and everything that comes with commercial property leasing,” said Dani McNeilly, Executive Assistant at Peak Performance. “They’ve been awesome.” 

Finding a new commercial space for a practice like Peak Performance requires rock-solid knowledge of the local marketplace and an understanding of what type of space will help the practice best serve their patients. For Peak Performance, their wide range of treatment options offered — everything from guided exercises to massage therapy to dry needling — require intentional use of commercial space. Our Real Estate Team helped them find the perfect location. 

“NAI has been amazing to work with,” said McNeilly. “They have the foresight in making sure that they’re always there for when you’re growing and when you are looking at your next location. They have a few in mind and they’re making sure that it’s the right population of people for you.” 

As a multi-faceted practice like Peak Performance grows and takes root in a community, facilities face everything from everyday wear-and-tear to extreme weather damage. Business owners and practice managers are focused on serving clients and growing their business. They don’t have time to call individual maintenance professionals every time a repair is needed. NAI’s Property Management Team has had the pleasure of helping Peak Performance’s locations stay in tip-top shape. 

“When the rain is coming down and the roof is leaking, our NAI partner is amazing to work with and they are on it within 24 hours or less,” McNeilly said. “And you know that it’s going to be handled right away and that’s something that you don’t always get with any partner company.”

Dani McNeilly, Peak Performance

“So overall, NAI has been a great experience for Peak Performance Physical Therapy, and we couldn’t ask for a better [property management company],” she said. 

The NAI team is adept at finding the ideal commercial space for each individual business and providing a wide array of supportive services to help those businesses along every step of the way. But NAI is also invested in so much more. 

“Our team members live, work, shop and volunteer in the communities we serve,” said Tim Miller, CEO of NAI Mid-Michigan. “So not only do we want to attract strong, healthy businesses to our communities, we want to see them thrive. That means going the extra mile to put the right business in the right spot, and staying responsive and flexible in what we can do to help that business succeed.” 

If you want to learn more about how NAI can help your business, contact us today.

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