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Should I manage my own property?

When you’re investing in commercial real estate, there are a thousand decisions to make. One of the most important is deciding who is going to ...
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First time leasing? Here are two terms you need to know.

The world of commercial real estate is full of industry jargon. Property listings, lease agreements, and conversations around the negotiating table can all feature niche ...
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Three ways the office has changed post-pandemic

As we all try to adjust to the ever-changing “new normal,” it seems that some pandemic-era office changes will stick around long after COVID has ...
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3 Rules + 2 Tips For First-Time Investors

Investing in commercial real estate is a great strategy to earn some extra income. But the road from first-time investor to CRE guru has some ...
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The pitfalls of managing your own commercial real estate deals

We get it. Google makes us feel like we can do anything. And with the widespread availability of commercial listing sites, it feels simple and ...
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Peak Performance — Surviving and Thriving in a Challenging Marketplace

For scores of small businesses in our community, the pandemic has forced owners and managers to be more flexible, creative and determined than ever before. ...
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Winter is coming. Are you prepared?

Winters in Michigan can be harsh, and if properties aren’t properly winterized, water damage from frozen or burst pipes can cost you tens of thousands ...
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A Crash Course in Commercial Real Estate Listings

In today’s hyper-competitive real estate market, finding quality commercial real estate listings can be a challenge. While there are many digital tools available, it’s not ...
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Planning for a Post-COVID Return to the Office

Thanks to growing vaccination rates and falling case counts nationwide, people are finally daring to dream about life in a post-COVID world. For many business ...
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To Build or To Buy? 3 things to consider when weighing your commercial space options.

Whether you’re looking to start up a brand new business or your tried-and-true venture is just looking for a space upgrade, the choice between buying ...
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